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The Art Of Memorizing : The Way You Should Be Doing It !

By Burhan Shaikh

We all fear that the moment we enter the examination hall we might suffer a memory lapse and we might just go blank and sometimes we just do. So its more or less the recollecting thing which is important than memory. But to recollect things the way we memorise counts.

Tips and Hacks For May 12th Showdown

By Burhan Shaikh

The main intention of writing EAMCET is to secure a seat in the premier institutes of the state in the desirable field and working through it for 4 years ,securing a satisfying job and settling in life.It’s a long road ahead and miles to go but as the saying goes “Well Begun is Half Done “

Things to remember,Rules not to be broken

By Shiva Kumar

It is better to know the rules and regulations before taking the examination in order to be free from pressure and tension in the examination and give your best.

Stress Busting:Coping Up With Examination Stress!

By Burhan Shaikh

It’s that time of the year again when everyone starts feeling the pressure building up.It’s that time of the year which takes away peace from students life.Exams,We all have them.Working towards them can make us feel a lot of pressure,especially at this level where we are aiming for a seat in the premier institutes for professional education.

How To Answer Multiple Choice Questions Like A PRO

By Burhan Shaikh

Read the question before you look at the answer.Once the question is read, formulate the answer in your mind rather than looking into the options. Once you have formulated the answers, look into the options and you can find the answer you formed.